Lifting Table


The H 1000 lift table is designed for processing particularly heavy workpieces. A solid, welded upper and lower frame and a scissor geometry ensure that you can safely carry loads of up to 1,000 kg with this lift table. When used as a lift table cart, you can safely move the large loads with just one person.


Lift table with two-stage pump system. A two-stage pump system allows the work surface to be adjusted to the required height quickly and without effort. The hydraulic height adjustment of the lift table is performed electrically or by battery.


Lift tables and lift table trucks for heavy loads: Many uses in the workshop.

Increase the profitability of work with a lift table electrically or by battery operation. This allows a single worker to lift heavy loads to a height or move bulky components without helpers. When it comes to worktops, we offer you a choice of four variants for the H 1000 lift table. For example, with the perforated plate you can use our extensive range of perforated plate accessories. Please contact our service team for further information on the lift table or lift truck H 1000 or other products or articles from the accessories.

The H 1000 lift tables – first-class products for the workshop.

The H 1000 lift table is a further development of the proven H 850 lift table and meets the needs of a large number of our customers. In many factories, you need a height-adjustable work table and lift table for particularly heavy workpieces. Expand your working possibilities in the factory with this special class lift table. The battery-powered or electric lift tables from BARTH for up to 1,000 kg load capacity can be used in many ways as a platform for working and for transport. The electric lift table H 1000 eDRIVE [BH-35-07] performs the height adjustment for lifting the work surface by means of a 230V hydraulic unit. The H 1000 accuDRIVE lift table or lift table cart [BH-35-09] uses a 12V hydraulic power unit for lifting. Simply let your employees adjust the height to work in the ideal upright position at all times. Not only is this much more ergonomically beneficial, but it also lowers the error rate. Constantly working bent over or stretched up makes it more difficult and strains your ability to concentrate.

High-quality equipment of the lifting tables

The H 1000 lift tables are equipped as standard with two sturdy fixed castors and brakable swivel castors. The robust 125 mm Ø castors are designed for professional and daily use. Thus, the lift tables with their platform also function as lift table trolleys for smooth and maneuverable transport with only one person. Lift even the heavy loads electrically or with the battery operation and transport the workpieces smoothly throughout the plant with this special lift truck. As a loading table for the vacuum press or as a platform for further processing of heavy components on other machines, the electric lift tables or lift table carts are thus indispensable. The scissor construction is optimized for maximum load in the uppermost position. The basic construction is made of thick-walled hollow sections. The surfaces are powder coated. Our smaller lift trucks or transport trucks and lift tables are also available with manual operation of the hydraulic pump for lifting the platform. For the lifting capacity of the lifting tables H 1.000, only the electric drive can be considered, both for reasons of operability of the hydraulics and for safety reasons. The complex scissor construction of the lifting tables ensures stability at any height.


hydraulic height adjustment with foot switch with power supply


hydraulic height adjustment with foot switch with lead battery (12 V)


Fast, simple and economic solution

„I have only a limited space available for a case clamp, veneer press and a panel press. The Barth RPG-l/VMP3513 offer one side the Barth VMP3513 veneer/vacuum membrane press and on the other side that BARTH RPG-L multi press. The VMP offers the solution a 100% veneer press that also can be used for forming with an extremely shot pressure time of 5-7 minutes at regular veneering without heating! The RPG-L gives me the possibility to glue cases, frames and sold wood boards with a very quick setup and a 100% perfect gluing results. For me the Barth RPG-l/VMP3513 is the prefect press for each workshop that has to work each day on a different project still needs a fast, simple and economic solution.“


Dr. Kent Adkins

Dr. Kent Adkins

St. Louis, MO


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