Lifting Table


The ergonomic workstation for efficient and comfortable work

The working surface of the lifting tables or lifting table trolleys from BARTH can be continuously adjusted in height – in the range from 480 mm to 1,070 mm. Put an end to hours of work in a stooped position and increase the quality of your work results. The load capacity of 330 kg also relieves your employees from physically heavy work. The lifting table enables a single person to easily load machines such as a Barth vacuum press. Workpieces can be ideally transported between machines of different heights on the H 330 as a lifting table trolley.


Further development of the H300

The redesigned version is now even more stable, reliable and sustainable. It is therefore optimally equipped for use in practice and a perfect companion for any production. It excels by its solid construction and stability, combined with maximum manoeuvrability. Thanks to its elegant appearance and user-friendly operation, it supports everyday work and takes things to a new level.

One work table – many applications

The lifting table and lifting table trolley H 330 is a universal talent that demonstrates its advantages in the most diverse types of work. In the simplest case, it serves as a work table and platform with height-adjustable work surface. At the same time, you can use the lifting table H 330 as a transport or lifting cart on smooth-running casters. When doors, furniture panels or heavy workpieces need to be lifted, the H 330 with its platform comes into its own as a lifting table trolley or as a loading table with a lifting height of up to 1070 mm. Discover new application possibilities every day with the lifting table H 330.

Extremely manoeuvrable

The steering rollers allow longitudinal or cross movements, for long parts, 2 steering rollers can be locked in this direction.


Easy to handle Perfect size and weight for a transport cart, with milled grips in the worktop


Solid welded construction of the cylinder holder (maximum shear force 1.2t)


Fast, simple and economic solution

„I have only a limited space available for a case clamp, veneer press and a panel press. The Barth RPG-l/VMP3513 offer one side the Barth VMP3513 veneer/vacuum membrane press and on the other side that BARTH RPG-L multi press. The VMP offers the solution a 100% veneer press that also can be used for forming with an extremely shot pressure time of 5-7 minutes at regular veneering without heating! The RPG-L gives me the possibility to glue cases, frames and sold wood boards with a very quick setup and a 100% perfect gluing results. For me the Barth RPG-l/VMP3513 is the prefect press for each workshop that has to work each day on a different project still needs a fast, simple and economic solution.“


Dr. Kent Adkins

Dr. Kent Adkins

St. Louis, MO


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