Lifting Table

H350 XL

Lift tables with large work surface

Work ergonomically at the perfect height and lift or lower easily for repositioning. With the lift table and lift table trolley 350 XL it is easier, healthier and faster to work. The extra-large multiplex worktop provides enough surface area for larger workpieces, which can also be moved around the shop effortlessly by one person. Easy relocation to machines of different heights. The upper and lower frames of these lift tables are extremely sturdy, solidly welded and, like the rollers, particularly resilient. The scissor geometry is designed for maximum stability in any position. Simple, safe and maneuverable!


The lifting and work table H 350 XL is a modern, mobile work table

with large worktopwhich individually and ergonomically adapts to your workpieces and especially to your posture. The height is adjusted by a foot-pumped hydraulic system which can be operated from both longitudinal sides. The easy-to-operate hydraulic unit always drives the work top to the desired height position. The large adjustment range from 500mm to 1,150mm offers you the advantage that both small and large workpieces can be processed at a comfortable working height.


The Barth H 350 XL lift table is supplied manually, by linear drive with 12 volt battery as accuDRIVE or electrically as eDRIVE. On request, the H 350 XL is also available with a perforated plate.


Operation is extremely simple and convenient. Pedals on both sides save walking around the lifting table. With the optional 12V rechargeable battery or electric operation, the height adjustment is optionally carried out via buttons. Like all Barth products, we also offer the lift table and lift table trolley H 350 XL with extensive accessories, so that you can perfectly adapt this lift table to the needs and work processes in your company.


  • Working at optimum height between 500 mm and 1,150 mm
  • Sturdy multiplex worktop in 2,000 x 1,015 x 24 mm for larger workpieces
  • Robust lift table also for use as a maneuverable lift table trolley
  • Transport and transfer of workpieces to machines of different heights
  • Height adjustment with two pedals manually, optionally electrically or by accumulator


Standard: 2,000 mm x 1,015mm expandable with longitudinal and cross pull-outs to max. 3,000 x 2,200mm


Fast, simple and economic solution

„I have only a limited space available for a case clamp, veneer press and a panel press. The Barth RPG-l/VMP3513 offer one side the Barth VMP3513 veneer/vacuum membrane press and on the other side that BARTH RPG-L multi press. The VMP offers the solution a 100% veneer press that also can be used for forming with an extremely shot pressure time of 5-7 minutes at regular veneering without heating! The RPG-L gives me the possibility to glue cases, frames and sold wood boards with a very quick setup and a 100% perfect gluing results. For me the Barth RPG-l/VMP3513 is the prefect press for each workshop that has to work each day on a different project still needs a fast, simple and economic solution.“


Dr. Kent Adkins

Dr. Kent Adkins

St. Louis, MO

H350 XL

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