Vacuum Bag

Vacuum bag

For pressing, the workpieces are placed in the vacuum bag which is then hermetically sealed and connected to a vacuum pump. The great advantage of the Barth vacuum bags is the material, an extremely stretchable and resilient natural rubber which is also used in the vacuum presses. So, the vacuum bag does not wrinkle during bending. Barth provides all vacuum bags with a comfortable closure which is always located on the narrow side so that the vacuum bags can be easily and safely closed. The vacuum bags can be bended any way and can be formed to any shape. The vacuum bags demonstrate their strength when pressing large moulded parts as they only have to take up the material to be pressed. The forming element (template) may be left outside the bag. Alternatively, it is also possible to place suitably stable templates into vacuum bag, as in the vacuum press.

Open to all forms and tasks – The vacuum bag

The vacuum bag Vacuum bags are the precursors of the modern vacuum presses which are characterized by a simple and costefficient technology. They mainly consist of a membrane bag, which is closed on one narrow side. However, they are more complex to handle than modern vacuum presses.


Greatly simplified our working processes

„We are using the BARTH MULTI Press now. We were on the lookout for such a device for a long time and are now very happy that we have this press. This has greatly simplified our working processes. A single worker can glue carcasses, drawers, table boards and a lot more. Otherwise two workers are always needed when working with traditional clamps. Everything which we produce in our workshop is glued in this press.“


Roland Oberlader

Roland’s Joinery

Telkwa, British Columbia

Never seen such well packed machinery

„It is a beautiful day in middle on February 2015 in CA and today my BARTH VMP3513 membrane press did arrive. When I saw the semi pull up and the size of the box I was shocked. I purchased some 60” forklift extensions which made the unload very easy. If I did not have the extensions I would not have been able to unload it. The driver was very nice and helped get it down the driveway – I had him use the pallet jack on the end while I used the forklift to steer it to the front of the garage. I then took the press off the crate and moved it to the shop using the forklift and a pallet jack. The crate was built like a tank and was quite hard to take apart. I guess that they justify the price of the crate based upon the number of nails. I had a friend come over tonight to help get it into the shop, I did the main job of getting it out of the crate this morning. I have never seen such well packed machinery than what has come from Barth.“


Bespoken Woodworks

Sierra Madre, CA

Approximately 35% quicker

„Working for years with a traditional American-style vacuum bag and pump, we already knew what a vacuum system like this could do for us. With the BARTH VMP4013 we quickly learned there were even more differences compared to our old system. Because of the oil lubricated pump, now we accomplish our jobs approximately 35% quicker and have more pressure. The pressure is approximately 2000 lbs. per square foot. When the press is not in use, the convenient cover protects the rubber membrane and it can be used as a temporary work bench. Casters allow us to move the machine to the work instead of the other way around. All in all, this press has improved our production in many different ways.“


Peter Craz

Craz Woodworking Associates

Bellport, NY

Positive result of a higher productivity

The BARTH VacuucarXL helps our worker with up to three vacuum suction cups to hold the workpiece in place so that our workers have booth hands free for doing their job. The possibility to set up the height of the work plate to the needed height helps our workers to reduce their health problems what has the positive result for us of a higher productivity.


Edwards & Wilson Cabinet Makers

Toronto, Canada

Save a lot of set up time

„The BARTH VP vacuum membrane press replaces in our workshop the traditional vacuum back. With the press we save a lot of set up time before the real gluing/pressing process and in case in case of the natural rubber membrane we do not need to use double boards at regular veneer jobs. With the right glue (regular water based glue) we save here at so much time that the press will be paid back by itself soon. The Barth special membrane is a big difference to each other product that is available on the marked and makes a big difference.“


Edwards & Wilson Cabinet Makers

Toronto, Canada

Energy costs are reduced by 99%

„We use BARTH vacuum membrane presses to veneer and glue molded parts. The BARTH presses have convinced us because due to their proven technology the pressing time is very short and as no heating is necessary, the energy costs are reduced by 99% compared to heated-plate presses. The pressing time for veneer is only 6-8 minutes when standard water-based glue is used.“


Conrad Schrock

Rockwood Door & Millwork

Millersburg, OH

Vacuum bag

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