Safety Accessoires


A device to allow short or thin pieces to be sawn using a work holder and side pressure. The Split-top provides a means by which accurate working when deep cutting small or thin workpieces. The spring loaded side piece covers the lateral surface of the saw blade while holding workpieces against the fence. Connecting element to Pressure Module. The system of holes allows the operator to individually position the pressure wheels, connecting element and the cover plate of the circular saw blade. Pressure wheels. Lateral covering plate, guarding the side of the circular saw blade.


Precision is what MARTIN means to me

„My primary product is custom cabinetry for residential projects. Having a versatile saw that can cut a perfect miter on a 10’ panel then in seconds be used for ripping solid wood allows unlimited creativity. Offering a complete product line from cabinetry to solid wood countertops to large windows and doors the MARTIN machinery lets me offer our clients what they want. With the T54 Jointer I can comfortably mill up stock for 10’ doors, knowing that it will be flat. Precision is what MARTIN means to me.“


Scott Slater
Bespoken Woodworks
Sierra Madre, CA

Almost 80 MARTIN Machines

“As one of the largest manufacturers of solid wooden doors in the USA, we need jointing and planing machines, which guarantee the highest precision and the cleanest planing results – and all of this in various types of wood. We have been making a perfect job of this, not only in terms of quality and reliability, for years with almost 80 MARTIN machines.”


Edward J. Rossi
Cal Door
Morgan Hill, CA

The most solid I have ever seen

„I got into the world of MARTIN Group machines with my T74 slider. After I had so much good experience with this solid and very accurate sliding table saw I bought my MARTIN T45 thickness planer with the “Shelix” spiral cutter head. It does a fantastic job and I and my workers enjoy working with a simple to operate machine. The last MARTIN machine I got is the MARTIN T54 jointer. This jointer make perfect straight boards and the 90° fence is the most solid I have ever seen. I also purchased the BARTH VakuuCar+ available from MARTIN.  This mobile workbench has a swinging frame which allows me to work by myself when moving large panels.“


Dave Edwards

Edwards & Wilson Cabinet Makers

Toronto, Canada

The fifth machine purchased from MARTIN

„This is the fifth machine purchased from MARTIN. This machine is so silent and accurate it is remarkable. Impossible to measure any deviation from the dimension given. No snipe, no grain tear out. This machine has rapidly changed our S4S process. The perfect pairing with our MARTIN T54 joiner.“


Walden & Co
Healdsburg, CA

Convinced of its quality for years

„We decided on a T75PreX sliding table saw from MARTIN because we have been convinced of its quality for years. We already have a MARTIN shaper, thickness planer and sliding table saw in our workshop. The T75 PreX with vacuum table and dual tilt has made our decision to replace our old saw easy. The new saw increases our possibilities, makes work easier for us and helps us to save time.“


Peter Craz
Craz Woodworking Associates
Bellport, NY

The results are excellent

“We love the MARTIN slider! It has changed the way and speed of our work. I never would have thought i could joint wide, thick hardwood on a table-saw better than my jointer but the MARTIN slider does! Breaking down sheet goods is about 2-3x faster now than our old method, and the results are excellent.”


Jason Straw

Straw Fine Furniture & Kitchen Cabinets

Gainesville, FL

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