Assembly Table


The manual workstation for daily practice in the factory. This mobile assembly table is ideally suited as a manual workstation for a wide range of craft activities in the factory.


Optimize the manual work and precision work in your company!

Despite all automation, manual work is an essential factor for many products. Manual workstations are indispensable for reworking, complicated assembly processes and fine-tuning tasks with hand tools. The VakuuCar® assembly table has proven itself in many workshops and handicraft businesses for the production of small batches and for the machining and assembly of demanding individual pieces. Our specialists for the development of manual workstations and assembly carts come from practical experience. They know what is important for the colleagues in the workshop at work.

Assembly table VakuuCar+: Efficient manufacturing, finishing and assembly of workpieces

The versatile assembly table VakuuCar+ offers your employees optimal working conditions for manual workstations. On the stable and height-adjustable basic construction there is an integrated rotary axis in longitudinal direction, on which powerful vacuum cups are mounted. This enables your employees to securely and quickly fix a wide variety of workpieces without leaving marks using vacuum clamping technology. In this way, products can be processed in an optimum working posture, saving time and ensuring ergonomics. Rotatable suction cups and the foot-controlled vacuum pump make it possible to change the position of the workpiece without interrupting machining or assembly. Tools and materials that are frequently used can be neatly stored by the operator underneath the expandable work surface. When using the optional accessories (drawers or containers), they are protected from contamination. A power strip within easy reach allows additional tools or equipment to be conveniently connected. In this way, everything is within easy reach. Cost-intensive non-productive time is minimized.

BARTH – always with high quality equipment

The equipment and basic design at BARTH always show the same high quality. Each VakuuCar+ is carefully assembled and thoroughly tested. Please note the accessories for your specific requirements for manufacturing or assembling your products in the company.


Fast, simple and economic solution

„I have only a limited space available for a case clamp, veneer press and a panel press. The Barth RPG-l/VMP3513 offer one side the Barth VMP3513 veneer/vacuum membrane press and on the other side that BARTH RPG-L multi press. The VMP offers the solution a 100% veneer press that also can be used for forming with an extremely shot pressure time of 5-7 minutes at regular veneering without heating! The RPG-L gives me the possibility to glue cases, frames and sold wood boards with a very quick setup and a 100% perfect gluing results. For me the Barth RPG-l/VMP3513 is the prefect press for each workshop that has to work each day on a different project still needs a fast, simple and economic solution.“


Dr. Kent Adkins

Dr. Kent Adkins

St. Louis, MO


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