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KSN Compact

Wide Belt Sander


The special model KSN compact offers sophisticated WEBER KSN technology in a standardized package at an attractive price. Just as with the KSN series, the KSN compact guarantees perfect sanding results and meets the highest standards for the skilled trades.


WEBER wide belt sanding

For uniform sanding quality


The contact roller is used in the production of plain surfaces, what is also known as calibration. The spiral-shaped, grooved roller guarantees the highest degree of precision and enables large chip removal as well as ensures a long service life. The sanding pad serves to ensure improved surface quality – with solid wood and veneers. The segmented version of the sanding pad with electronic control can process tolerances up to 2 mm with the highest consistent sanding quality.

WEBER ISA segmented platen

For targeted sanding pressure


A good sanding result is dependent upon reliable segmented platen technology, which adjusts the sanding pressure of individual segments to the workpiece size via electronic control. With the patented WEBER ISA version the pressure pieces and sanding lamella form one unit. This unit is maintenance-free and resistant to dirt.

WEBER Cross sanding

For surfaces with reduced fibres


Automatic cross sanding machines for the skilled trades have a long tradition at WEBER. Cross sanding means that the first sanding is performed crosswise to the feed direction and subsequent finish sanding in lengthwise direction. The crisscrossing cutting motion offers advantages over multiple inclined or lengthwise sanding steps. The cross belt operates at a 90° angle perpendicular to the grain. As a result, the fibrous surface texture, which normally runs lengthwise, is divided into small sections and subsequent removal is simplified. This removal is subsequently carried out using one or more wide sanding belts. Due to the crisscrossing sanding directions, considerably fewer and shorter fibres remain on the surface.

WEBER CBF Sanding Technology

A sanded surface free from oscillation marks is an outstanding quality feature. WEBER has found the perfect solution in CBF technology. It operates with a crosswise running lamella belt situated internally within the wide belt station. The pressure lamellas continually interrupt contact to the sanding grains and thus prevent the sanding belt from leaving undesired oscillation marks.

Product Info

  • Operating width 1350 mm
  • Version with 2 sanding stations
  • Calibrating roller drive up to 24 kW
  • Sanding belt length 2150 mm
  • Segmented platen ISA
  • Automatic workpiece thickness setting
  • Universal sanding lamella
  • Table extension with rollers at the infeed and outfeed
  • CBF technology

WEBER ES workpiece blow-off unit

Targeted and energy-saving dedusting


After sanding, it is imperative that dust is removed from the surface. Mechanical solutions such as dust brushes only inadequately accommodate the existing part tolerances. The WEBER ES workpiece blow-off unit solves this problem simply and elegantly. The workpieces are blown-off by a succession of selfpropelling compressed air propellers that are only activated directly in the workpiece area. This limits compressed air consumption to a minimum.

Automatic workpiece thickness measurement

For even more efficient operation


Another aspect of the high quality of WEBER sanding technology is also efficiency and economy. Thus, the WEBER KSN compact convinces right down to the minutest detail with sophisticated solutions exceeding sanding alone.

WEBER vacuum blower

For precisely positioned workpiece transport


The vacuum version of the table can be used for better and more secure workpiece transport. To this end, the conveyor belt and transport table are perforated. A high performance blower creates a vacuum in the table body and draws the workpieces to the conveyor belt with suction. This increases the adhesion to the conveyor belt and transports the perfectly positioned workpieces through the machine.

WEBER “i-Touch” controls

For intuitive operation


The WEBER KSN compact automatic sanding machine comes standard equipped with a high quality 9″ touch operating terminal. The graphic operating terminal makes operation easy and efficient. All settings can be made and stored at the operating terminal. The “i-Touch” controller can guide you intuitively through the most important menu functions. All sanding parameters, e.g. sanding belt speed, feed speed and workpiece thickness can be directly accessed and operated.


  • 9″ Siemens Touch Screen
  • 300 program memory spaces
  • Error diagnosis
  • Optional: Remote maintenance

WEBER “X-Schliff”

All sanding processes in one station


Flexibility is becoming more and more important. For this reason, WEBER “X-Schliff” offers all the sanding processes combined in a single station. The sanding station can be easily converted from wide belt to cross belt sanding. Thus, sanding processes can alternate between calibration, longitudinal or cross sanding or using WEBER CBF sanding technology. As today‘s requirements for various surfaces and lacquers call for different sequences of crosswise and lengthwise sanding, this new technology is able to respond to it. It enables lengthwise or crosswise final sanding, thus saving an additional machining station.


The ability to sand veneered panels without damage

„I have a cabinet shop in Southern California.  I was in the market for a new sander and have had a few widebelt models in the past. The main reason that I was upgrading was that I needed a machine with 53” width and the ability to sand veneered panels without damage. I had previously owned a double head 43” sander with air platen and did not trust the machine when sanding veneered panels. It was always a job for hand sanding, which is expensive and time consuming.The WEBER sander has a few features that make sanding difficult parts a breeze. First of all the machine has a segmented platen which uses 22 mm air cylinders to control the pressure of the platen. […] The machine with variable speed on both the sanding heads and the conveyor belt is setup for lacquer sanding.  The belt speed is slowed down, and the feed is sped up.  With the CBF head the machine does very short sanding strokes, which does not load up the paper. The automatic belt cleaning during this program cleans the sandpaper. What happens is almost magical and the results are stunning.


The build quality of the WEBER is first class. The machine is made almost 100% at their factory in Bavaria Germany. WEBER makes metal sanding machines that are workhorses and uses this same heavy-duty construction in the wood line.  The electronic parts are either Siemens or Toshiba and can be sourced overnight if the machine needs repairs (so far no issues with my sander).


I could not be happier with my purchase. I have had 2 other German sanders and neither one compares with the WEBER.“


Scott Slater
Bespoken Woodworks
Sierra Madre, CA

Great resale value

„I am building high end custom furniture and for this I needed the right machines for precise and quick results. I chose the Weber wide belt sander because it gives me the best flexibility for solid wood, veneer and lacquer/sealer sanding. With the patented WEBER CBF system, I get almost no oscillation and the few marks left are removed by the patented Weber planetary brush head aggregate. The planetary head not only takes the marks away it also can sand deep into profiles and breaks the edges so that we do not need to sand by hand anymore.
I also purchased a tilting arbor MARTIN T27 Flex shaper, T45 thickness planer, T54 jointer and the T75 Prex dual-tilting sliding table saw. These machines are heavy duty and carry with them a great resale value…something that you do not see much anymore with industrial woodworking machinery.“


Isaac B. Hayun

Trieste Corp.

Long Island City, NY

Successfully reduced our sanding labor

„At Meridian Products we produce high quality kitchen cabinet components. Our doors and drawer fronts can have solid wood raised panels or veneer panels.  With the old technology wide belt  sanders in our panel line we were required to  do a lot of hand orbital sanding to get the quality level  our customers needed.  We identified our requirements and researched several brands and did some live demonstrations. After traveling to NY to demo the patented CBF system we chose to purchase two WEBER machines, a three head calibration sander and a two head finish sander. The machines are well built and easy to operate.  We have successfully reduced our sanding labor and are producing a more consistent finish.“


Meridian Products

New Holland, PA

Electrical spare parts are available for many years to come

„At Cozzolino we produce high quality furniture for our customers in New York. For the final sanding we didn’t have a perfect solution so we checked out different wide belt sanding machines. We decided to go for the WEBER KSN-2-1350 (DM) Compact as we achieved the best sanding results with this machine. The WEBER sander stands out for its ease of use and with the Siemens components it is guaranteed that the electrical spare parts are available for many years to come.“


Peter Craz
Cozzolino Custom Millwork Inc
West Orange, NJ

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