MARTIN Woodworking Machines takes over service and sales of ROBLAND standard machinery

MARTIN Woodworking Machines Corp. adds several new machine types produced by ROBLAND to its product portfolio. First of all MARTIN Woodworking wants to address woodworking newcomers who look for the lowest prices but also want the best value for their money.

From 01.01.2019, MARTIN Woodworking Machines will be the official general importer and service partner of ROBLAND, the Belgian manufacturer for standard machinery. The wellestablished engineering company, founded in 1968, is known in Europe for its state-of-the-art and yet affordable machinery. In addition to sliding table saws ROBLAND is a leading producer of shapers, planers and combined planers. The machine manufacturer from Bruges exclusively produces its quality machines in its own factory in Belgium.

In addition to ROBLAND, MARTIN Woodworking Machines also represents other renowned European manufacturers such as WEBER, GANNOMAT, BARTH, AIGNER and AL-KO and above all, of course, the products of the German parent company MARTIN. Thanks to this variety, MARTIN Woodworking Machines is able to supply almost all exclusive woodworking and furniture manufacturers with machinery of the highest quality.

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