Speed 20/10 – Varnish without masking

A pneumatic gear is moving the paper on the table top after the coating action. A new work piece can immediately be placed on a clean surface without any effort. The paper is moved over a antistatic plate of special plastics. To remove the finished work piece easily from the coating table pins are lifting up the work piece for easy unloading. These pneumatic lifting components are integrated in the table. The lifting components and the feed of the paper roll are controlled by foot switches. Using solely pneumatic movement components ensure a safe use also in explosive surroundings.
The table top is twistable up to 180 degrees to guaranty a facile handling. The table is mounted on a welded steel construction which can easily be moved by four large nylon wheels. Two of them steer- and brakeable. A welldesigned side cover made of stainless steel facilitates the maintenance and protects against overspray.

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