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Pure Air Dust Extractor


Alko’s Power Unit 120 dust extractor is characterized by its high energy efficiency and its particular power and convinces with low noise emission. The Power Unit 120 is a mobile clean air dust extractor in self-supporting sheet metal construction made of color powder-coated sheet steel. The extraction unit complies with the latest regulations, is certified with the BG-GS test mark according to GS-HO-07 and thus allows direct installation in the working area without additional fire and explosion protection measures. The PowerUnit 120 is suitable for universal use with a wide variety of materials and can be used either for individual extraction or as a decentralized supplement to a stationary extraction system. The small external dimensions of the mobile dust extractor allow it to be set up even in workshop niches. Extracted dust and chips are collected in the chip bag, which can then be easily removed from the container. Two clamping levers on the side allow the chip bag to be quickly replaced after emptying or changing. The container is then connected to the vacuum system without a hose. The filling level is checked via a built-in sight glass.

Mobile extraction devices from AL-KO combine high reliability with a compact and space-saving design. They create ideal production conditions with healthy air in the workplace, are unusually quiet and help to achieve significant cost savings. All sizes are designed to offer the optimum combination of maximum extraction power and the lowest possible energy consumption. Furthermore, the tried-and-tested AL-KO OPTI JET® process guarantees filter cleaning, and consequently increased filter service life. They are delivered ready for connection, all that is required is to insert the swarf bag.

Clean Air

Air recirculation into the room is a crucial factor in the clean air sector. This feed air is tilted by AL-KO extraction systems down to below 0.1 mg/m3 residual dust content.

Low Maintenance Cost

The AL-KO opti JET® process cleans the filter medium regularly so that filter service life is considerably extended.

Low Operating Cost

100% air recirculation means space heat is retained and heating costs are saved.

Low Noise Level

The integrated soundproofing element in AL-KO extraction systems reduces noise levels to a minimum.

Operating principle

The powerful fan located on the clean air side filters the dusty air to the extraction units; swarf and coarse particles are diverted by the integrated pre-separator directly into the collection system. Remaining fine dust is filtered out by the fine dust filters of dust class “M”. The AL-KO OPTI JET® filter cleaning system uses compressed air bursts during the extraction process to remove dust adhering to the filters to ensure consistent extraction power. Standard features include a large movable collecting container.

Your benefits

  • Consistently high suction power due to integrated pre-separator and AL-KO OPTI JET filter cleaning system
  • Reduced heating costs, since 100 % recirculating air operation is possible in many cases
  • Compact design for smaller footprint
  • Low-dust emptying due to patented integrated dust compartment on the collecting container
  • Broad power spectrum
  • Extremely quiet due to highly effective sound insulation
  • Extensive accessories and numerous options for individual device configurations


  • Dust extraction at production machinery, machining centers, pipeline systems with multiple extraction points
  • Direct extraction in continuous operation
  • Applications for high-power mobile units
  • In industries such as timber processing and woodworking, carpentry, joinery, furniture making, plastics manufacturing and processing, paper production, orthopedics and many others


Good for our employees

„We invested in a new WEBER wide belt sander and because a high quality finish is essential for us, we also needed a powerful dust collection system. The AL-KO PU350 has a 99.9% clean air return system. This way we have no dust in our workshop which is good for our employees and what’s more we are able to obtain a perfect surface finish. The AL-KO PU350 collector is equipped with an automatic fire-extinguishing system which is another big advantage.“


Cozzolino Custom Millwork Inc.

West Orange, NJ


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