WOODSHOP NEWS Issue March 2020 – Gannomat ProTec

MARTIN USA, the exclusive North American distributor of the ProTec brand, offers the latest version of the Gannomat ProTec Compact CNC machining center. “This machine is mainly for producing cabinets. lt can be used in a small- to medium-sized company that doesn’t have a CNC solution yet that is looking for a compact CNC machine, and it can also be used in a large production company that already has a few CNC sofutions and gives them something very fast and compact to use along with those,“ says Harold Kleeven, Gannomat’s sales director for Austria.

”It’s not only labor saving, but time saving and more precise than alternative CNC op­tions. lt also offers repeatability by allowing you to save programs to the machine. lt has some of the highest precision in the market, and it has a sturdy weight that helps elimi­nate vibration. There are no setup times and it’s easy to program.“

The machine has a footprint of under 3.3 sq. meters. lt can accommodate workpiece dimensions from small (60 x 250 x 6 mm) to large (1,000/1,300x 5,000 x 60mm).

Other features include air jets for gentle material handling, double laser measure­ment capability, and up to 23 drilling spin­dles.

Workpieces are transported step-by­-step with an automatic workpiece gripper through the working area of the machine. The ProTec can be programmed in either through-feed-mode for unloading material at the back of the machine or in return-feed­mode for unloading material at the front.

The Gannomat ProTec Compact CNC ma­chining center starts at $80,000.

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